A proper tea party (with a few twists)

So last month my super crafty and all around awesome friend Aimee said she wanted to try a proper British High Tea experience. We went to the Olde Ship in Santa Ana for their Sunday 2:00 pm tea experience. I’ve had tea from Chinese restaurants, milk tea from places like Lollicup and Cha for Tea, and random teabags from the drugstore, but never English tea. It was really fun and delicious! So when I heard Aimee and her man Scott wanted to host their own tea party at their home, you can bet I was one of the first to hit Yes on that invite. They are a household of awesome cooking skills. How awesome, you ask? Just…watch.


This is the first of six (yes, six!) savory dishes that Aimee and Scott prepared. Smoked salmon canapé‎s on homemade tuiles.


Two types of deviled eggs: smoked salmon on the left; tarragon on the right.


Roasted eggplant and bell pepper goat cheese tarts with pesto


Mini Scotch eggs (with quail eggs inside)


Cucumber sandwiches with dill cream cheese


Ham, brie, and apple sandwiches

And just when you thought they were done…they made six different desserts too!


Orange cranberry scones (with homemade clotted cream, not pictured)


Mini pecan pies


Triple chocolate brownie bites


Strawberry poundcake trifles


Creme brulee


Lemon bars

Even our tea set was photogenic too:


We call it the “sugar cat.” Did I mention I love cats?

Everything was so fresh and delicious! I love being on “foodtography” duty at Aimee’s house. Here’s our lovely chef relaxing after a hard day’s work:


Thanks Aimee and Scott for inviting me over! It’s always a pleasure to be among good friends eating great food. 🙂


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