A mystery.



Two weeks ago a family of birds took up residence on one of the beams supporting our porch roof, right by the front door. It is a good hiding place because there are hardly any other birds or foliage nearby, and our home is pretty quiet. I got home from work and saw these two one day, watching me intently. Their spouse? father? mother? was hovering nearby, far away from me, but close enough to swoop in and attack if need be. I couldn’t tell if these were baby birds or not. They kept looking at me as I fumbled with my keys to get into the house.

A few days ago I saw three birds up there, but they were a lot bigger than these ones. I am confused–what happened to these two smaller ones? Were they not the babies? Or were they actually the mothers? And where did the other bird (the one nearby, but not up on the porch) go? The three looked like bigger, fatter versions of the one pictured.

Even more mysterious–no one’s been in the nest for three days. My grandmother thinks our passing by and shutting the door might have scared the birds away, but I don’t think so. Maybe something else is afoot. I hope there aren’t any eggs in there (I haven’t checked; I don’t have a stool high enough to peer into the nest.)

Nature is strange. Where have you gone, little birds?


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