Mischief managed.

It’s been a month since I’ve been out on a proper photographic adventure. Earlier this week, it was as if the universe heard my restlessness. My friend Stephanie called to ask me if I wanted to travel with her to play around for a day in Los Angeles. At last, adventure! I met Stephanie and her cousin Yu-Wen on Saturday. These two are the very epitome of mischief.

Triumphantly proclaiming the LA skyline for their own.

Monkey business.

What you didn’t know about these two rascals: they can fly when getting into all sorts of hijinks!

*whistles* Nothing to see here folks, just people walking about on a nice day *whistles*

Mirrors! Someone is watching us.

Even while stair climbing, I can see those little gears in their head turning, plotting all sorts of schemes. Look at those jaunty strides.

Mischief managed! Till next time, Los Angeles.


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