I’ve been in a pensive mood lately. In part because of the recent uptick of traffic I’ve received for having my desk featured on Ikea Hacker (YAY! My first publish?) I’ve been pondering ways to grow this blog and to see what else I can do with it. I’m pretty excited, but I also dread facing the pile of choices that come along with it.

When I started this blog, I just wanted a place to post my photos online. In the beginning I wasn’t very consistent, so this year I vowed I would do better by aiming to do one or two posts per month. I began to post my sketchbook doodles as well as my iPhone photographs to help boost my post rate. It’s helped out, but I think I’m coming to a crossroads in terms of theme and what I want Picturing Kipi to focus on.

Is this blog a general catch-all that documents my (future) multi-faceted creative projects, or is it a mono-thematic photo-journal?

The following are topics I am interested in pursuing:
1. Art: doodling, sketching, typography. Or actual art made by other people (e.g. if I visit a museum. But at that point that’s just like “travel” photography–you would see things like interesting art if you go to different places, right?)
2. Fashion and/or style: for the longest time I’ve casually followed style bloggers, swooned at the elegance of “ordinary” people on The Sartorialist, pinned inspirational outfits, , and kept tabs on r/femalefashionadvice. I love defining and redefining my own personal style, and so photographing that and writing about it would not be foreign to me. All I have to worry about is whether or not I can face criticism on my body from the Internet.

What I’m ambivalent on is whether or not these topics are appropriate for Picturing Kipi. What if my interest in fashion overshadows my architecture or travel posts? I know in general good blogs stick to one or two main topics/themes. And if I were to open other blogs, how would I unite them? Buy a domain and have several sub-blogs by topic? Right now there are too many choices and not enough time or capital to consider multiple themes. Not to mention photography would play a role in either of those topics–excellent photography is necessary for a great post about personal fashion/style, and I am working on those skills–but at what point does it move away from the topic of photography into strictly only about fashion? I suppose when you cease to talk about how the picture was made and instead focus on the clothes.

Both fascinate me and I could talk about either at length. The question is, should I do it here or would the tangent of fashion, art, or whatever other topic there may be take away too much from this blog’s current focus of photography first?


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