Fort Point Monochromes

Here are some more images from San Francisco! On my third day in SF, the fog rolled in after two clear bright days, right when I was scheduled to revisit Fort Point. It is by far one of my favorite SF landmarks to visit (this is my third trip to the Bridge, and second to the Fort.) I like coming here and standing on the top of the Fort to look around the bay. Somehow I like being under the bridge more than being on it. Maybe I have trollish tendencies?

DSC_0350 bw

A composite from two bracketed shots on the Coolpix A. I think I set the exposure comp to +/- 1 EV or thereabouts. This is on the third floor looking toward the base of the bridge.

DSC_0363 bw

Monochrome gnome.

Gloom presents a different lighting challenge. The color photos are not particularly stunning, but when turned into monochromes, the shapes and shadows become far more interesting.


Strong lines.

DSC_0367 bw

If I were bundled up better I wouldn’t mind meditating here. The winds do gust but it is refreshing, and there is a peace and solemnity to be had underneath the bridge.


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