San Francisco City Hall

I’m back! And with fresh new content for my little corner of the Internet. Just this weekend I was in San Francisco again on a solo trip, so I hope you’re ready for the deluge of SF-related posts. Each time I go I find more to love within the city. For this adventure, I stayed in the Civic Center area. City Hall was just a hop and skip away, so I thought I’d walk over before dinner to explore for a little while.


The entrance from the Grove St and McAllister St side.


The arresting grand staircase. I believe you can request to have your civil wedding performed on the staircase–at least from what I’ve seen on wedding photography blogs. According to the City Hall website, these stairs lead to the Board of Supervisor’s meeting chamber.


The glorious ceiling is covered in reliefs. The dome particularly is covered in dahlias (San Francisco’s official flower) that are in different stages of bloom as they descend toward the foyer below. I think I stood here for a good ten minutes with my mouth open.


Everything in City Hall was carefully planned by the principal architect Arthur Brown Jr. to be a cohesive experience–from the types of stone and artwork used (like dahlias and other California-specific sculptures), to the doorknobs and even the fonts and signage. This is a seal on the floor of the elevator.


Just a small example of the gilded bronze railings and art work that lines the interior and exterior of the Hall.


Above this suspended lamp is one of the many skylights that give the Hall such wonderful natural light. I didn’t notice many light fixtures and the interior was still well-lit despite it being 6:30 pm.


One of the hallways on the fourth floor.


Late afternoon lighting. I love the octagonal pattern on the window!


There is a walkway along the inner rim of the dome, but it is not accessible to the public. A last view of the dome from the side, on the fourth floor.


One final look at the staircase. I was not allowed to enter the space as it was being set up for a special event (you can see the speakers on stands in the back.)

I think SF citizens are so lucky to be immersed in such a wonderful area for architecture and history! This post doesn’t even begin to show how much care was put into the details in building the Hall. I’m bookmarking this place as a must-see; so fear not, Mr. Brown! I will be back to properly admire your work.



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  1. Beautyful shoot´s, congratulations.
    Saludos desde México.

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