San Francisco – Fort Point National Historic Site

Last weekend I had the pleasure of embarking on my very first solo! trip. I saved up money like the good little girl that I am and took my camera and one piece of luggage to San Francisco for the weekend. It was the best decision I’ve made for myself in recent times. I feel refreshed, inspired, and motivated to do well at work so I can keep taking little jaunts like this.

Now I wouldn’t be Kristina if I didn’t take pictures of places with lots of brick and history. So here’s the best place in SF that has tons of both: the Fort Point National Historic Site. It was a military fort built in 1853 to secure San Francisco Bay, an area which had become of commercial and strategic value post-gold rush.


A clear day’s view from the top of the hill. Fort Point is the red structure at the base of the bridge. The rest of the area is the historical site.


Standing in the courtyard of the fort–see the cannons in the bottom left corner? One can ascend to the roof of the fort via the spiral staircase in the tower near the middle.


The bridge casts its shadow over the fort on a sunny, clear afternoon.


On the roof of the fort. Each of the little circular structures were bases for cannons.


Looking straight at the intricate cross-work of beams that help keep the bridge from torquing too much in the wind.


San Francisco skyline, as seen from the top of the fort.

photo 2

One of the many arch-lined hallways of the fort. The brick left dust stains on my jeans and jacket. A colorful souvenir of sorts.


My travel buddy takes in the afternoon sunset in one of the shaded corridors.


My big dorky happy face after seeing one of the Army Corps of Engineers’ masterpieces! Masonry ftw.


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