My friends Brandon and Julie brought their cats over to my house last week. I didn’t get to photograph them too much as they were mostly too curious to stay still in a new environment. Here’s what I did manage to get when they stopped to catch their breaths.


This is Quigley, or as his human handlers more often call him, Mister Kitty.


And this is his sister Rue.


Mister Kitty seems to be the sillier of the two. Here he is hiding in a space between the leg and seat of a reclining chair.

Julie's Cats2

He’s got a funny lopsided black spot near his nose/mouth that makes him look so devious.

Julie's Cats

Rue loved going up and down the stairs. This was a rare moment in which she flopped down for a rest between laps around the house.

I can’t wait to have a pet cat. I think they’re really funny!


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