Los Angeles Central Library + Last Bookstore

Last weekend H and I took a little trip into Los Angeles for some sightseeing. What was initially a plan to go to the Natural History Museum turned into a walk along Downtown LA to view the Public Library.


The entrance.


This library is massive–7 floors total, with several art galleries, computer lab, and children’s and teen’s reading sections. This area is between the wings overlooking the escalators to get to each level.


This is the center of the Rotunda. The art galleries and children’s and teen’s reading areas are located to the right of the picture.


The ceiling is so rich in detail–the 2,000-pound cast-bronze chandelier was designed by Lee Lawrie; mosaic decorations are by Julian E. Garnsey.


A portion of a four-part mural by Dean Cornwell depicts the stages of the history of California.


An inscription dedicated to librarian Everett Robbins Perry.


The ceiling and lamps in the Getty Gallery were just as great to look at as the art on its walls.

On the way back to our car we ducked into the Last Bookstore, a used bookstore. With over 16,000 sq. ft. of books, it may very well be a library too!


Perusing all this could take days. Happy days.


The second floor has even more titles. Enough books to make an archway of books!


Outside the arch.


Inside the arch.


The Last Bookstore’s space is very-well thought out; even the light switch gets a sneaky disguise.

Though this trip was too short to really enjoy this bookstore, I’m sure I will be back with more friends just to read and buy books next time. I’m so glad we ventured out and explored last weekend–I’m already calculating the next free day to go somewhere new!


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