Henry Suzzallo Library at University of Washington

I’m back! to feed my poor little blog some content from my recent trip to Seattle, Washington. Today’s post features the beautiful and magnificent Henry Suzzallo library at UW.

Front of the library building.

Close-up of the stone- and glasswork.

Three figures sit under the main entrance arches. According to the Wiki article on the library, “three cast stone figures representing “Thought,” “Inspiration,” and “Mastery” stand above the main entrance.”

Architects Charles H. Bebb and Carl F. Gould built the library in Collegiate Gothic style. The first phase of construction was completed in 1926.

Going up the staircase to the Graduate Reading Room.

Hallway outside the Reading Room. In the glass covered table rests the largest book in the UW collections called “Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Last Himalayan Kingdom.” It is 7 ft by 5 ft and weighs 133 lb.

When you first step into the room, your eyes first rise up to the vaulted ceilings.

I must have stared at the windows and chandeliers for a good 5 minutes before beginning to look around me.

There are about 1.6 million books in the Suzzallo/Allen libraries! (wiki)

Books and chairs line the sides of the walls.

Here is a comfortable place to study or reflect. The silence is both soothing and reverent, inspiring to anyone who might enter the room.

A truly magnificent sight. UW students should be proud to have such a gem of a library at close reach!

If you’re planning a trip to Seattle, I highly recommend a day’s trip to University of Washington for some beautiful architecture!



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  1. Your pictures are very nice, you should become a professional photographer!

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