Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

I’m back! With a new adventure and pictures to boot. Two weeks ago Henry and I finally got to visit LACMA. There were lots of amazing things to see–

An impressive Assyrian tablet. The writing system was really hard to figure out (especially for our untrained eyes!)

This necklace and brooch were made in honor of the recipient, whose face is shown in the brooch. I’d feel a little strange wearing my picture around my neck, but maybe that’s what the style was back then.

Incredibly detailed headpiece that was part of an Egyptian coffin.

Also saw the Daido Moriyama show “Fractured” on its last week at LACMA. Doesn’t this look like a photograph from an old horror movie?

I couldn’t resist. “Sure I’ll take one, thanks!”

However, what I was really excited to see was the “Urban Lights” installation by Chris Burden, otherwise known as the Lamps. We waited until dusk to fully appreciate the lamplight:

Detail on the bases of the lamps (shot earlier in the afternoon.)

Photoshoot time! The lamps are such a great backdrop!

We weren’t the only people enchanted by this place. The light and columns are such a delight to view and walk through.

Such a fun place to visit! I cannot wait to return 😀



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  1. pretty photos of the lamp posts!!

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