Mission San Juan Capistrano

Hello my lovely blog! It’s been a while since I’ve updated you, but here’s some fresh newness!

Recently my mother bought a DSLR and has been chomping at the bit to get some practice with it. Last weekend we ventured out to San Juan Capistrano to see the Mission and flex our photo muscles. Here’s some of the neat things we saw:

A view of the Great Stone Church and the Bell Wall. The church collapsed in 1812 when an earthquake hit and was never rebuilt.

The ubiquitous swallows’ nests that are found in almost all eaves and corners of the buildings.

Adobe, brick, and wood textures in this courtyard hallway.

Resurgam is Latin for “I shall rise again.” This doorway leads to the center courtyard and the Fountain of the Four Evangelists.

Rich browns and reds.

The textures and colors in this hallway make me happy. So I jump.

Center courtyard. There is a small pond/fountain in the middle with koi fish and lilies.

Where there are nice little flowers, there are also bees!

Arches, pillars, bricks, and wood. Red and brown and yellow and gold.

Mom practicing with her new toy. I predict she will surpass me in a year if she keeps shooting!

Enjoying a lovely Southern California afternoon.

Serra Church evokes quiet, intimate reflection for all who enter.

Close up of the hand-carved wood altar with gold leaf overlay.

The room of one of the Mission padres as it was in his time. As far as I could tell, this must have been his bed (unless they slept on the ground.)

I love all the antique details so well-preserved, like this wooden door.

This is only a smattering of the great views at Mission San Juan Capistrano. I definitely want to go back and check out the stone church ruins because I missed seeing them!

See you on the next adventure,



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