Pike Place Market

Well, after three or four drafts of this post, it’s finally done!

Here are the photos from my trip last year to Seattle and the Pike Place Market.

Early morning walk along the market. Not a lot of shops are open yet.

Getting the stalls ready for the day.

Peppers and produce from Choice Peppers.

“Rachel”, a 550-lb bronze pig, welcomes people to the market.

So many fresh things to buy, such as:


All this could be very tempting, so the shops would like to kindly remind you:

There’s so much to see as you wander up and down the Market hall.

This is chocolate pasta!

I nibbled on a piece. It was very mildly chocolatey; it was mostly hard to chew and stuck to my teeth.

I’m not entirely sure I’d like sweet-flavored pasta. Good old lasagna and marinara is fine by me.

Here are a few of the many fresh blooms for sale at the flower section of the market.

Even found a mini-mart with a takeout kitchen that sells chicken adobo!

Walked some more around the marketplace; found a funky tile mural for the restrooms.

Had to look up what this was to give this a caption. It’s a pallet jack! Hooray for learning.

Speaking of learning, there are bookstores practically on every corner in Seattle. Reading is fun!

Art on a street light power control box.

Maps, globes, and all things cartographic at Metsker Maps.

In a small alley near the market, this walkway leads to another one of Seattle’s quirky attractions.

The Market Theatre Gum Wall!

A close up of the layers of gum stuck everywhere along this wall–even on this post!

It certainly is colorful.


 And there you have it, a little photographic slice of Seattle and the Pike Place Market. I can’t wait to return and explore more of this area. Till then, I’ll keep shooting!


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