Distilling Disneyland – Spring 2012

On this week’s installment of “Distilling Disneyland”– spring arrives in Anaheim in full bloom.

Main Street is overcast but filled with cheery blossoms.

Figures of a coach driver and Cinderella in a shop window on Main Street.

At the Disney Gallery, vintage ticket books were on display–harking back from the time when Disneyland used to sell tickets for every attraction separately.

Henry is enjoying the view of Sleeping Beauty Castle and its moat with many ducklings.

One of the two Indian chief statues in the park. This is the Frontierland chief.

Colorful creatures from King Triton’s Carousel of the Sea in Disney California Adventure.

My favorite is the blue otter. He looks so happy!

See you next time at the Happiest Place on Earth,




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  1. These are pretty fantastic pictures. I feel like you made me remember Disney land being better than it actually was.

    • I don’t think you and I ever went together, did we? Anyways, every other time I’ve gone with friends or family it’s always rushed and I never get to look for the little touches that make Disneyland iconic. Now with the annual pass I can go scavenger hunting (with camera) for neat things (pictures)!

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