27th Asian Pacific American Awareness Conference @ UC Irvine

It’s amazing how I keep finding out more things about my school AFTER I’ve attended it. In my four years at UC Irvine, I’ve never heard of APAAC despite interacting with clubs like Kababayan, CA, Tomo No Kai, etc. Yesterday the Asian Pacific Student Association at UC Irvine hosted the 27th Annual Asian Pacific American Awareness Conference at UCI, a day-long event designed to look at the current issues within the Asian/Pacific Islander communities.

It ended up being a great learning experience as well as a relaxing visit back to my old stomping grounds. Here are my best memories of APAAC 2012:

Attending my friend’s panel regarding a progressive Vietnamese-American movement:

L-R: Vy Nguyen (Hai Ba Trung School for Organizing), Thuan Nguyen, and Cara Van Le (Common Ground)

Vy Nguyen

Thuan Nguyen

Cara Van Le

The fun after-conference concert featuring great performers such as:

MC Tripz (Melvin Silgas)

MC Tripz with performers from Sessions LA.

Justin Hamady, spoken word.

ForWord, spoken word and creative writing collective

ForWord is composed of: Stephanie Sajor

Mark Maza

Susan Diep

Eddy M. Gana, Jr.

Andrew Figueroa Chiang

Beau Sia, slam poet (Def Poetry Jam)

It was a great night and the concert was really fun. Till next year, APAAC!


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