RequiesCAT in pace (Kremepuff, 2001-2011)

On Thanksgiving, we lost a very important member of the family. Let me tell you about my good friend and nap time companion, Kremepuff.

Kremepuff was actually not my cat, but my cousin’s. They got him from a shelter for her sister’s birthday, but he quickly became the main man in the house. Their family had other pets (bunnies, geckos, a tortoise, and other reptiles) but in my opinion Kremepuff was the king of them all.

Kings do not lounge, they recline. On royal blue cushions and surrounded by plush fabrics.

This stately prince had three main occupations: eat, eat, and lounge about. This cat had a Ph.D in Lounging Around. Every time I visited their house he would be in one of these positions:

I can haz moar kibble?
Annoyed, because we woke him up from a nap.
Escaping the summer heat by napping on a cool piece of glass.

As you can tell, he wasn’t the most active or agile cat. He was the exact opposite of athletic. Any attempts to play games were rebuffed; Kremepuff would just flop onto his side with a disapproving glance at our proffered toys and proceed to ignore us.

Studiously ignoring you, now.

However, there is one thing that Kremepuff excelled at, that forever endeared him to our hearts. The cat was a sneaky cuddler.

Granted this is less like cuddling and more like sitting next to you, but nevertheless you were to feel honored that he deigned to share his body heat with you. Case in point:

Helping keep my shins warm on Christmas Eve, 2007.

Acting as my own personal space heater:

Asleep on the floor, New Year’s Eve 2009.
Thanks buddy.

For ten years, Kremepuff put up with our silly antics and me shoving a camera (phone, SLR, you name it) in his face every time I visited.

His last day snuck up on us. When I arrived for Thanksgiving lunch at my aunt’s house this year, I noticed that he sounded funny when breathing. He still managed to walk up to us and greet us, and agreed to be cuddled for this picture with my aunt:

After lunch, however, it was clear that his respiratory distress was not abating. So the family took him to the animal hospital, where he was X-rayed and diagnosed with fluid in the lungs. The vets said hospitalization would not guarantee full recovery, and his scans showed that he was in pain and significant distress. Instead of prolonging his suffering, they decided to let him go peacefully.

Even though he wasn’t my cat, I still miss him.

Rest and dream well, friend.

Wherever your little cat soul is, Kremepuff, I hope we meet again.

Kremepuff, 2001-2011.

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