No nice introduction here, just my rambling:

I really dislike doing laundry. I think it stems from having lived in apartment complexes for so long. The trek from my unit to the laundromat is usually fraught with dogs, screaming children, and careless drivers who don’t look behind their mirrors before backing out of parking spots.

Laundromats are such sad, lonely places. No one ever talks or looks at each other, we all just file in, shove our clothes into the nearest open (and clean!) washer, throw coins down the chute, and speed away like we were chased away from the building. The lighting is also horrible–fluorescent bulbs remind me of the doctor’s office and old university classrooms–where time seems to slow and you can’t wait to leave, and yet there’s 30 minutes left on the clock. The dryer’s buzzing is like the school bell ringing freedom…at least until the next day you’re out of clean clothes.

(Shot on a Canon AE-1 Program with Kodak Tri X, 400 ISO. Settings were probably something like f/5 at 1/30. Printed on Ilford MGIV RC paper and scanned as JPG)

I miss film class and I miss my camera. I’m hoping I can do some good shooting this weekend!



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  1. Oh! I like the composition 😀

  2. Thanks Emmeline! I also have another project that I printed, but at 11×14…sadly I haven’t found a scanner big enough to capture it w/o having to pay a lot at the camera store.

  3. could you scan it in sections and then photoshop everything together?

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