Friday Stroll in Old Orange

Yesterday I had a great afternoon visiting with my friend Thomas. We started out at Tacos Jalisco for a delicious taco lunch:

For $3.75 I had the taco especial–three tacos (I chose carne asada, carnitas, and pollo) with rice and beans. It was delicious and fresh! Usually I don’t care for most tortillas because they don’t taste fresh but these were really good.

While we were strolling in Old Towne Orange, we met this wonderful dog named Appa.

Yes, that’s Appa like the flying bison from Avatar: The Last Airbender. 🙂 This handsome gent is a 16-month old Old English Sheepdog. To give you an idea of how big a sheepdog is, I present you this:

Here’s Appa meeting a little dog that happened to be walking past us as I was shooting him. Little one, you are very brave! Don’t you know you’re just about as big and long as half of Appa’s legs?

Appa’s owner says he’s still growing, and that his paws are unusually large  for his breed. If he were to stand up on his hind legs, he’d be taller than me!

After saying goodbye to Appa and his owner, Thomas and I walked around and saw a lot of these:

Not all the antique shops allow photography, so to play it safe, I stowed away the camera and just enjoyed looking at the baubles with my eyes. There was one particular store that sold a lot of old doorknobs, lock-and-key sets, and old brass hardware for the home which I will definitely return to.

It was a good day for a stroll. The sun was out but the breeze was cool, and there were a good amount of people enjoying the sun after this week’s weird weather. Here’s Thomas patiently enduring my posing prompts:


It’s so nice to meet with old friends, especially when you’ve got so much to catch up on! I am fortunate to have such easy-going fun friends who don’t mind me wandering off paths while madly snapping away.

I hope I can have many more lazy Friday strolls with good friends.


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  1. the size difference in the dogs is drastic!

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