PAX Prime 2011 (People)

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Last week I was in Seattle, Washington for Penny Arcade Expo, also known as PAX Prime. PAX is a gaming convention, which covers everything from board/tabletop gaming to video/console/PC/iPod/iPad-you-name-it, if it’s a game, it was represented there.

I had so much fun. I’m not exactly the biggest gamer of the household, but I do like board games: particularly Settlers of Catan, the Munchkin series, Puerto Rico, and Set to name a few. There was something for everyone at PAX. If you like roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons, or fighting battles with miniatures, there were floors and rooms dedicated to just that. And video game aficionados had a blast of a time in the exhibit halls where bigwigs like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo showcased their upcoming offerings.

Best of all, most everyone attending exuded sheer excitement and joy to be there–from presenters to the volunteers to the con attendees. I believe PAX is special because everyone is dedicated to having a good time. There were no tantrums or angry people because everyone was on their best behavior, and it made for a wonderful convention experience that I’ve yet to see replicated elsewhere.

This photo set celebrates the people of PAX Prime 2011 and the atmosphere that brought joy and entertainment to so many.



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